TC Electronic announces TC1210-DT and TC8210-DT

TC1210-DT (Foto: tcelectronic)

TC8210-DT (Foto: tcelectronic)

TC Electronic has announced two new modules in their range of hardware controlled plug-ins: a stereo expander/modulation unit and a main reverb for pro and home studios. Both sport the same combination of controls and DAW integration debuted with the audio company's recent TC2290 and DVR250, but with smaller footprints.

The new TC1210 is a recreation of the TC 1210 Spatial Expander + Stereo Chorus Flanger, a staple among guitarists and sound engineers since the 80s. New module on the block, the TC8210-DT is an all-new design, but with a tone and character which will be familiar to the many musicians and engineers, who have relied on classic clean and pristine TC reverbs.

Based on TC Electronic's reverb philosophy of natural and transparent air, TC8210-DT is the successor to reverbs known from the System 6000, TC's studio workhorse, and the acclaimed Hall of Fame guitar pedals.

With now four units to the series, TC Electronic reveal that they aim at designing a full range of modules that encompass any and all aspects of studio production, as well as a custom "docking station" to house and power the units. Alongside the announcement of the two new modules, TC Electronic are responding to numerous user requests by extending the "travel period" of the units, so musicians and producers can take their work on the road for a full 60 days, before they need to reconnect the module to their computer.