TC Electronic introduces DVR250-DT

DVR250-DT (Foto: tc electronics)

DVR250-DT is a reverb unit that brings vintage reverb, glistening sway and sweet character to your DAW. With its original fusion of software processing and a hardware interface, DVR250-DT captures the sound and tactile controls of the EMT 250 Electronic Reverberator.

DVR250-DT features
• Hardware controlled plug-in emulates the iconic EMT 250
• VST, Audio Units and AAX plug-in processing
• Dedicated desktop interface with intuitive hands-on control
• Built-in echo, delay, chorus, phasing and space effects

DVR250-DT is part of the TC ICON series. With their algorithms, fun and intuitive hardware controls and seamless DAW integration, these modules are ideal additions to any modern studio environment.