08.02.2017 | Ausgabe 1/2017

The State of the Art

Are we recording the Score or the Hall?

The panelists from left to right: Ulrike Schwarz Anderson, Dan Shores, Akira Fukada and Morten Lindberg (Foto: Kazuya Nagae)

At the 29th Tonmeistertagung in Cologne an international panel of recording professionals from the world of classical music gathered to discuss their approach of taking the score from the hall to the listener.

All of the panelists have been recognized by their peers and the music industry with many awards and nominations and all specialize in High Definition acoustic music recording. They have made it their task to enhance the craft of recording music for many decades.Internationally, the approach varies from bringing the details of a score to life to focusing more on the performance of the piece in the recording space. The topic whether the score could be represented better in stereo, spherical multichannel (5.1 surround) and/or immersive 3D audio was central to the discussion.The philosophical interpretation of the title however goes deep into the concept of music recordings and the role of the recording team: Does a music recording represent an incident of a musical performance that takes place in a certain space at a certain time or an interpretation of the musical score where the space and performance are manipulated bring a piece of music to life?

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